9th District Women's Missionary Society of the AME Church

  • 1897

    Women’s Missionary Society in Alabama

    (Ninth Episcopal District) was organized

9th District History

The Women’s Missionary Society in Alabama (Ninth Episcopal District) was organized in 1897. The First Episcopal District President was Mrs. S. A. Christian who served for 38 years. Under Mrs. Christian’s presidency and her crop of ambitious officers, numerical and financial reports were increased by more than 50%. In 1908, Mrs. Christian represented the Ninth Episcopal District at the first Connectional Convention meeting, which was held at Bethel AME Church, Atlanta, Georgia.

Mrs. Bessie Walker was elected Episcopal District President in 1935 while the office of President Emeritus was given to Mrs. S. A. Christian. During Mrs. Walker’s 23-year tenure as president, improvements were made to the physical plant at Daniel Payne College. A scholarship was awarded to Susie Jamar (Thomas) to attend Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia. Mrs. Walker traveled extensively in the state and attended Connectional meetings.

Those serving as Episcopal Supervisors have been Mrs. Vivienne L. Anderson, Dr. Joan M Cousin, Mrs. Irene B. Reid, Mrs. Susie J. Thomas, Mother Carrie R. Grady, Mrs. Mary L. Kirkland, Mother Arelis B. Davis and currently Rev. Sherita Moon Seawright.

Those serving as Episcopal Presidents have been Mrs. M. B. Ryles, Mrs. Catherine Cunningham, Mrs. Olevenia Legg, Mrs. Mahaley Barber, Mrs. Mable Holmes, Mrs. Mary B. Blankenship, Mrs. Ruby K. Fells, Mrs. Hattie Nathan, Ms. Carolyn Cummings, Mrs. Susie Bonner and currently Ms. Sherryl S. Whiting.


"We are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world."